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iPhone 5s Blue Screen of Death?!

So, you all remember the dreaded blue screen of death on Windows, right? Chances are, you’ve had the problem yourself, as I know I certainly did. Well, it turns out that it hasn’t gone away, and it’s made its way over the your beloved iPhone 5s!

Comments started to appear on Youtube and Twitter talking about the problem. It seems to mainly occur when the user is trying to use iWork (Pages, Keynote, Numbers, etc.), though there have also been reports of it happening while using Safari and Facetime, among others. Once the screen turns blue, that lasts for about a second or two, before going black, showing the Apple logo, and rebooting. Here’s a video of what the problem looks like:

Most likely, Apple will have fixed this problem Β in their next update. And for theirs and the users’ sakes, I sure hope they do! I haven’t personally run into this problem yet, but it’s a bit concerning to find out that it could happen. Let us know in the comments section what you think of all of this!


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