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Galaxy Note 3 First Look

Yesterday I received the Galaxy Note 3 for review, and what I see so far is a kick butt phone-tablet. The first thing you’ll notice is the enormous 5.7 inch screen. It’s awfully awkward to hold in your hand or even place in your pocket, because how large the phone is. I took the phone out with me to explore the town, and used the phone like any other person would. I’ll keep using it through the week before I write a full review, however I’ve found the phone to be aimed towards business users.

The S pen has been greatly improved, which comes in handy when using the phone. I found myself using the pen mainly because of the large size of the screen allowed me to use one hand while using the pen. If I tried to use the phone without the pen in many cases, I felt like I would drop the phone, cause I wasn’t able to get a good grip on the device. The back of the phone is a leather, that’s more plastic than anything. It’s a beautiful looking phone, that is fairly large and will draw attention to yourself.

The Note 3 is supposed to work exclusively with the Galaxy Gear, however there were none in stock to review at the moment. I should get one in a week or two, and I cannot express how excited I am. The phone looks promising with some minor flaws that I am basing on personal preference.  The large battery will hopefully get enough life to last me the whole day. The battery has to power the beautifully large screen, run processes on the 2.3 GHz, and take great action shots with the 13 MP camera.