Google TV Rebranded to Android TV

Remember Google TV, no? Well Google TV has not been updated since Android’s Honeycomb update well over  a year ago. Google has recently released the Chromecast, which many are calling Google’s competition to Airplay. As Google has recently been consolidating services, spring cleaning unused services, and redesigning current products. A report from GigaOm states that Google is planing on phasing out the Google TV brand in favor of Android TV. Google TV has always been based off of Android, and used the Play store to get access to media. Roku, Apple, and other smart TV’s are giving Google some fierce competition.

We’ve been waiting for an update for a long time now, and maybe with Android 4.4 Kitkat we could see an update to Google Tv or now Android TV. The problem with Google Tv was the lack of devices that had the OS running on it. The devices that did run Google TV were over priced, when compared to Roku’s fair starting price of $49.99.  With Android Tv we could see more integration with ChromeOs, and possibly get Chrome Casting ability.

Google recently has been about either low-priced device such as all the recent Chromebook’s and Chromecast. Google on the flip side has pushed high-end devices like the Chromebook Pixel or the unlocked Nexus Experience phones. Google Employees have both been referring to “Android TV”  and “Google services for TV” which means Google has not have the name set in stone. This coming week we should see a new Nexus device along with Android 4.4 Kit Kat, and an Android TV update.


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