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Technology is Fashion

Fashion is interconnected with our lives and culture, and you can say the same about tablets, phones, and  other devices. Google Glass was in Vogue magazine highlight that technology we choose is a fashion statement. The Moto X is being marketed in a way that it’s a fashion statement, so choose your colors wisely. They’re giving you hundreds of different color combinations so the phone can better reflect you. A phone always lives on you much like a watch or other accessory. Smart Watches are become a fad that’s picking up in both the fashion world and in the technology world.

Wearable technology is becoming a norm within society. More people are buying the Flex, Up or Fuelband. Consumers are accepting wearing technology to better our lives, but the technology is still fairly new. Google Glass is a prime example – more consumers know about the explorer edition and are interested in trying to get the device. They come in a range of colors and are similar to wearing sunglasses around, minus how idiotic you with Glass on. However, as I said fashion magazines have included the device in their photo shoots and during runway shows.

Technology and fashion are clashing together and in the near future it might be built right into our clothes. We could have thinner jackets that conduct heat and keep us warm during the winter. There could be shirts that have displays built-in to change the design, or micro fabrics to change the shirts color. This while sounds plausible is far in the future and a move that people should make towards developing.

In the mean time we need to make phones more customizable in design and color. The phones are like our clothes, we wear them during our daily life. We are judged by what phone we have just as we are judged by what shoes we wear. I believe that the Moto X is a new wave of phones coming that are going to be offered in a number of colors. Not everyone likes Black or White or Gold in the case of the iPhone. That’s why Apple released the 5C; to offer a range of colors for users that don’t like the default colors of the 5S.

In Short, devices are now a way to express our personalities. To say that our phones are not a fashion statement these days would be to say shoes are not a fashion statement. Do you pick your phones based on how stylish they look with how fast and powerful they are? Tell us in the comments below your thoughts.