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Fitbit Force Will Replace the Fitbit Flex

The Flex from Fitbit, been on the market a short while now.  Nonetheless an upgraded big brother to the fitness tracking device is floating around. According to leaked press information acquired by The Verge, the device would be called ‘Force.’ It would be above the Flex and come in at a cool $129.95, which is the same price as the Up from Jawbone. We’ve reached out to Fitbit and they’ve declined to answer any questions regarding this new fitness tracker. It looks like the images are real, and we could see the device coming out in the very near future.

The device would come with an altimeter, double as a watch, and have a dedicated button. The altimeter enables tracking of how many steps you took, and offer a better estimate of how many calories you burn. The display doubling as a watch would be downright amazing! The device stays on all the time, and is a passive device. Mean it offers to information on the display, just tracking your every move. Since the device stays on you 24/7 you would always have a beautiful looking watch on that will track your steps. The added button makes it easier to switch the device to track sleep, check progress, and to turn on the display. On the Flex you have to tap numerous times to get the device to switch to track sleep and back. A button would make the process streamline and less confusing.

Though the price is $30 more than the previous version, its offer more than before. The price is still less than a Nike Fuelband, and still does more. It’s the same price as the Up, but offers a watch to check the time unlike the Up. The device looks available in black and the ‘slate’ blue color, but its unclear if the tracker will be as small as the one in the Flex or even removable. I’m excited for this device, and will love to see it in action. I hope that other companies will come out with similar devices. I also hope Fitbit will have more device support to sync the Force with the app.

What do you think of the Force? Would you buy this for $130 over the Up or even over the much cheaper Flex? Tell us in the comments below.