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Northern Wool Kickstarter (Sponsored)

Northern Wool is “an up and coming” clothing brand started at Murray State University. They want to compete with larger clothing brands, minus all large price tag. Once you see they have some great design’s so far you’ll be interested to know they’ll be designing the shirts in-house. The Kickstarter has 25 days to go, and there is only $5 donated so far. However, I think they have a lot of potential. I’m a fan of these speciality clothing brands, because they allow you to stand out on a budget. These brand usually have some really kick-butt designs that you cannot ignore. The Kickstarter video they created kills me with how awkward and scripted it is, and I’ve mentioned it enough times to them. This shouldn’t reflect on the work that is being done by these two great guys.

You’re able to purchase some of their shirts currently through Spreadshirt, but they want to get onto District Lines. District Lines is like Spreadshirt but with better quality. With any small startup the greatest challenge is to gain attention and buyers. The guys are places their bets on District Lines, and the ability of that marketplace to get them sales. The project has a long way to go with a lot of business plans, partnerships, and distributors to still be made. I am putting my faith in these guys to achieve, and even if this project fails to keep continueing on.

That was their video, and now you decide. Leave a comment here or ask questions on the Kickstarter. Either place the creators will leave feedback, comments, and thoughts.