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Google Drive Gets a Little Face Lift

I’m an active users of Google Drive, along with Google docs, slides, and others. I’ve always used them over Microsoft office because one they’re free and two you can use them from anywhere. There is never a need to download extra software, everything’s in the cloud. This allows me to send documents to friend, and let them edit the document while I watch the changes happen live. Today, Google announced a little face lift that makes the apps more streamlined and colorful. The editors now feature their respective icons and colors on the page, which also conveniently doubles as a way back to Drive.

The headers and toolbar tray is more streamlined and compact allowing more space to focus on your content. The change is minor with most users not even taking notice. I find this little look change to be welcomed, I’m also hoping Google will keep the amazing design choices going with all their products recently.  Tell me in the comments below what you think about this minor change to Google Drive document editors.