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McDonald’s Testing Mobile Payments and Orders

Mobile payments have not yet caught on across the United States as Google had wished with their Google Wallet. Coca Cola has integrated mobile payments into their machines that are newer, while CVS has also integrated mobile payments into their stores. The big players such as Wal-Mart or McDonald’s have had yet to modernize their payment options. Now, however, the company is developing and testing mobile payments and mobile ordering options. The mobile ordering sounds the most interesting innovation being tested by McDonalds right now. It would mean that you could order your choice while on your way to your local McDonald’s.

The fast food chain is testing it in two cities right now, which are Salt Lake City and Austin. Interesting enough, these are close to Google Fiber markets; Austin being the real place where Google Fiber will be built.  Starbucks has offered mobile payments for months now, and many users take advantage of this offering.

Mobile ordering on a mass scale such as McDonald’s would change the mobile payments market, and help push the idea into the mainstream marketplace. I would personally want to test this and see how effective it could be. I think, though, that this will more than likely fail, because most people would not take advantage of it. Austin, Texas is a technology capital, hosting SWSX, so we could see the best results for the small test in this city. We’ll have to wait and see what happens over the next few months.

What do you guys think about this mobile ordering and payment idea from McDonald’s? Would you be willing to use it, or is it easier to just go through the drive thru?