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Twitter 5.0 beta Brings New Design and In-Line Media

Last week, Twitter revealed that they would offer Twitter Beta on Android. The beta 5.0 is now available for users who are in the beta group and willing to deal with the bugs on the app. The update brings a whole new look the the app again, which is only a few months after the halo design was pushed out. Along with the new look, there are in-line images/videos with a pull out drawer that many Google services have started using. It’s a new look with performance upgrades, and with the news of Twitter going public we can see some drastic changes beforehand.

We’ll leave the opinions to the new beta testers, but I do want to say that the blue line for conversation views have been removed in the beta. Are you in the testing group or are you going to stick with the standard updates? What do you think about the update based on the screenshots we have? Tell us what you think in the comments below!