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Google Chromebooks to Get Haswell Chips

The Haswell chipset has been exclusive to Macbooks now, but Intel has said these chips would come to other devices. At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, the company highlighted some of the newest Chromebooks that will be rocking these chips. A post on Google’s official Chrome blog showed off four new devices using the new processor, including Chromebooks from HP, Toshiba, Acer, and Asus.

The processors will not only need less power to run the cloud-based laptops, but deliver two times more battery life than current products. Now, considering the Samsung Chromebook, which runs off an ARM processor, gets close to 7 hours of battery life, we should see more Chromebooks like this. The battery life should be close to 18 to 20 hours, considering the Macbook Air ranges close to 12 hours and runs a full OS. The Chrome-powered devices are obviously all cloud-based, and require less processing power than running full Windows on the laptops.

Intel’s Vice President  Fisher said, “Our strategy is to help make sure Intel architecture offers the best experience across all devices, operating environments and price points.” This means that we can see another $249 Chromebook with Haswell chips, while also seeing more that are a little more pricy but have more processing power, along with more space. I am looking forward to Chromebooks becoming more mainstream because they are useful, cheap, and really great devices for the normal user. I use an Acer Chromebook as my main laptop and just love how fast and easy it is to use. Tell us what you think about Chromebooks and them getting these Haswell processors in them!