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Apple Shares Fall After 5S and 5C Announcement

Yesterday Apple announced updates to their line of iPhones including the 5S and the 5C. The 5C is supposed to be the cheaper iPhone, with a higher price than anyone expected. The 5S is a small upgrade from the 5, with an improved camera and processor. The processor is the largest change to the 5S considering its a 64-bit processor, the first smart phone to make this move. The stocksĀ of Apple were down 4.69 percent, to $471.44 at noon today.

The high price of the 5C and Apple not accepting pre-orders for the 5S many are concerned that these iPhones could put Apple in a bad place in the market. Samsung would be the biggest company to help from Apple’s lost, and on many technology sites Samsung bought ad space next to the iPhone coverage. Even on Twitter the company purchased a trending topic, #NextBigThing, to offset the trending topics about the iPhone.

The reactions to these new iPhone’s have been split from users on the iOS side. Many don’t want a fingerprint reader on their phone, and would rather include some common technologies such as NFC. Though the improved camera will make the internet a better place with fail videos thanks to the slow motion camera on the 5S. Apple’s not the only one to be affected by the fall in stock prices, some of their parts suppliers have also been hit.

Since we won’t see pre-orders of the 5S will we see a shortage of iPhone’s on launch day? As we know many iPhone users will want to upgrade to have the newest technology from Apple. There are people lining up around Apple stores already, and there are sites all over reporting how to trade up to a new phone. Now with two new iPhone’s on the market it should be interesting to see which on sales better, although I know Apple wishes it will be the new 5S over the 5C. Will you be upgrading to the new iPhone or will you stick with your current iPhone? Tell us in the comments below.