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Surface 2 Rumors and September 23rd Event

The next generation of Surface tablets will be coming soon in a September 23rd press event in New York. The next generation tablet will feature a few upgrades and no huge changes to the design. The tablet will have a 1080p screen, 4GB of RAM, and a Tegra 4 processor. The rumors say the kickstand will be a two step stand that is more flexible, and a white surface will also be revealed. The boost will be much needed, and maybe we’ll see a price drop that allows more consumers purchase the device.

We’re unsure if Microsoft will release one version or keep the two different tablet setup. Now there’s a Surface RT and a regular Surface. The difference is in the version of Windows 8, however coming with 8.1 there may not be a need to have a RT and a regular version of the tablet. We should see this tablet being sold in stores around the time that Windows 8.1 updates are pushed out to consumers. The new keyboards will be released with the new tablet, but there is not much information on what these new accessory will bring.