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Amazon Kindle Phone Could Be Free Off Contract

The rumor has been around that Amazon would release a Kindle smartphone, but nothing has yet to be released. The company already has tablets, ereaders, and its own fork of Android out on the market. However, there is still no phone offered that would allow users to take Amazon everywhere they went. A new change may be coming in the form of a free off-contract Amazon phone. The only reason Amazon would offer a smartphone free is to bring more users to their ecosystem. They want users buying books, apps, movies, and physical goods from their online store.

A free phone sounds crazy, but its a marketing ploy from the company to make revenue from sales of content. The rumors are just rumors and it sounds like the phone is still a long way off, but if Amazon wanted to compete they would release not long after the iPhone event to get users to move. We’re hoping the phone won’t be a low-end phone, but a phone that’s packing processing power, with a beautiful screen, and a good camera. If Amazon does all that and offers it for free or 99$ off contract, I know just about everyone would be jumping on this phone.

It still sounds like Amazon is far off from releasing a phone, but its a refreshing rumor from Amazon. The new Nexus 5, iPhone rumors, and other phone rumors means the market will have a lot of competition to compete with. Consumers will be overwhelmed, but in the end they’ll win with better phones and lower prices. What do you think about a free Amazon phone, or would you rather not get pulled into this forked version of Android? Tell us what you think in the comments below.