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Amazon’s New Kindle PaperWhite Official Now

It’s official straight from the Amazon product page, which makes us think there will be more Kindles on the way. There are no specifics on what’s been update on the device. The price is the same as the other model before. The prices are $119 with special offers, or $139 without the special offers. This is with just Wifi, but a 3G model will come out around November with for $189.

The rumors is the processor is 25% faster than the previous model, higher contrast screen, and longer battery life. There are also some new features such as Goodreads so users can get recommends on books, Kindle Page Flip which lets them skip ahead but not loss their spot where they are reading.

Pre-orders are open right now, and will ship September 30th. What do you think about the new Kindle for reading? Tell us in the comments below.