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Samsung Galaxy Gear Leaked in Images

If the rumors are right Samsung will unveil the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which is nothing more than a fancy name for a smartwatch. There rumored to announce the device on September 4th at a press conference in Berlin. Although these pictures look real, Samsung has been known to put phones in fake shells to ensure no one knows what the real shell will look like. I’m hoping that this is the case with this Galaxy Gear, because the leaked images make the watch look very ugly compared to current watches on the market.

The device looks like it will also be a health tracker, unlike many smart watches just performing the task of quick updates on being a watch. The device will come preloaded with S-Voice, which is like Siri on Samsung phones, to make the watch easy to use. The watch will come preloaded with Android so you’ll be able to use apps that are built for the devices small screen, or fitness trackers. Of course, you’ll be able to sync with the Galaxy line of device. There will be a camera with the ability to share straight to Facebook or Twitter. There’s also 10+ battery life, which should mean charging once a day.

There will be a focus on health tracking, and the camera will used for taking pictures of food to count calories. This will compete with the Pebble smartwatch, and others that are on the market. Google supposed to have a watch released sometime this year, however we’re unsure if that will ever happen. The device is a prototype, and we’ll have to wait and see what the device looks like September 4th, in Berlin. We’ll be watching the news to keep you updated on the latest news!