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Moto X May Drop in Price to $99

According to rumors Motorola is going to drop the price of the Moto X by 100$ on contract. This means you’ll be able to grab the phone for $99 at your local phone shop, however there will also be the wooden back version. This wooden back is supposed to run the buyer an extra $100. We could also possibly see the Moto X in the Google Play store, and being sold off contract. That price is still unset, but as these price drops sound we could see a 300$ price tag to get the phone off contract.

We’re not sure why Google and Motorola chose to drop the price of the phone, even after the phone has received glowing reviews on the majority of tech blogs. Maybe sales are not going as they had planned, considering they were set to spend 500 million dollars to market this phone to consumers. The price drop will make the very customizable phone more attractive to buyers, however many people still want an off contract version for all the major carriers that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

If you’ve been eying the Moto X you may want to wait a few more weeks, so you can save that extra 100$. If you’re looking for a off contract phone, check out the Nexus4 which is still on sale at the Google Play store for a cool $200. Tell us what you think of a price drop for the Moto X? Does this new price make the phone more appealing considering the specs are not that appealing or bleeding edge?