Apple’s iPhone Trade-In Program

Have you been itching to trade in your iPhone for a newer model? Apple has started rolling out trade-in programs all over the country, and most employees are already trained to handle these transactions. The program is simple, and works much like a buyback program at BestBuy. The users bring in an older iPhone 4, 4S, and soon, the 5, and they’ll be offered a price range. The amount will vary and is based on the phone’s condition. It’s rumored Apple will offer anywhere from $100 to $280 for the phone. The catch is that you’ll have to upgrade to another newer iPhone that same day.

The credit will have to be used that day in the store, and cannot be used towards any other products than a new iPhone. You also don’t have to wait to upgrade your phone, but you will have to pay the off contract price which is around $500. This program is meant to draw more people to Apple’s stores to buy iPhones, and not try to buy the phones at the carriers stores. You will get a better experience while at an Apple store, but it’s still unclear if you’ll get the most money for your old iPhone there.

I’ve talked to an Apple store employee and he said the prices do vary each time, but he has traded-in an iPhone 4s for $220. What Apple does with these devices should help consumers in the long run. For instance, if Apple would sell refurbished phones in their stores, more people would have iPhones in hand. Tell us what you think about Apple’s trade-in program! Will you trade-in your iPhone or sell your phone to a different service or on Craigslist? Let us know in the comments section below!


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