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I Love and Hate Twitter’s New Conversation View

Twitter recently introduced a way to follow conversations on both the mobile and web version of Twitter. This of course being the blue line, which places each tweet in chronological order. The new way conversations connect show you anyone in the conversation and not just the immediate people. If you’ve ever used the old way to communicate and carry on conversations over Twitter, you know it becomes somewhat difficult to follow. This blue line is the solution to that problem, even though it’s causing more problems. At first glance the new blue line clutters up the timeline, but it does make following conversations a breeze.

When I started seeing this change, I hated it because it made conversations difficult to follow on the timeline. Now I’ve gotten a bit used to the conversation view, though one thing that I cannot get over is the clutter it’s bringing to our timelines. I understand Twitter wants to spark conversation and allow for easy ways to communicate, but I don’t want these blue lines taking up space on my timeline. I would be fine if the blue lines went into effect once you click on a conversation between two or three people, but otherwise it’s too much

The camps are split down the middle on this new way to communicate on Twitter. Many who I’ve spoken to have liked the new way because it makes it easier to jump into conversations. That’s one thing Twitter has hit on the nail, but it’s also causing confusion. Some Tweets are not included, what happens to people who have protected accounts, and other concerns that Twitter will have to discuss in the near future. The users who dislike these crazy ways to link tweets together are the users who were first adopters and still use RT to retweet tweets. Others are ones who have become accustomed to the old traditional way to see conversations. We all know when change occurs on any social network from Twitter to Facebook, everyone grabs a pitch fork and revolts.

Twitter users have been a little more civilized, but there’s no word on from Twitter if this will stick around or if they’ll find a way to turn it off for users who choose. I want to hear from you about this way to make conversations on Twitter easier. Tell us if you like it, hate it, or you’ve yet to make a decision. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!