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Twitter’s New Conversation Views

Today Twitter has released an updated way to view Twitter conversations between two people. Before the new way, it was a struggle to follow communications and conversations between people. You would have to click the Tweet, and it would show you the conversation, but sometimes people would just @ reply someone. This meant that the tweet was left out of the conversation and you would have to go and find which tweet went to which. Now Twitter conversations are in chronological order and for you that cannot tell if they’re┬áconnected Twitter added a vertical line to tell you they went together.

The update also adds the ability to easily report harassing tweets, and abusive tweets. The conversations will show up on the timeline with up to 2 other tweets connected the conversation.To view more tweets within that conversation just simply click on that thread and you’ll be able ┬áto see what else is tweet. The update makes me feel that it is now harder to scan through Tweets, and these conversations being placed front and center are distracting. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes when two people talk I would like to jump in and know whats going on. However, I like to scan Twitter and these lines distract me from just seeing the Tweets that I care about.

Twitter wants to push conversation between people, to make them interact and create content. However, it makes their streams cluttered and not as users friendly as before. I will stray away from this, and hope that in later updates Twitter will allow users to turn this off, or hide it somehow. Tell us what you think about the new way to highlight conversations in the comments below.


2 responses to “Twitter’s New Conversation Views”

  1. Twitter made some updates on Wednesday to its apps and its website, as it does from time to time. The biggest change was intended to make it easier to keep up with conversations on the social network.

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