Facebook Releases Shared Albums

Have you ever gone on vacation or on a trip with friends and family? Everyone on the trip of course has pictures, but when they upload them they are uploaded to their own accounts on their own albums. It would be amazing to get all the best shots from everyone into one album for every single person to see, right? Well, we’re in luck, because Facebook understands and is releasing shared albums today!

The album creator can invite 50 “contributors”, who can each in turn share up to 200 photos. The creator can also choose if those who have invited can invite more or if they will keep control to themselves. The new shared albums have three available privacy settings: public, friends of contributors and contributors only which allows users to control who can see them. If its a family vacation and you only want the family to see, put it on contributors only. Now arises the issues based on each user’s privacy settings because some people in the group album won’t see some photos based on other privacy settings. It’s one large mess they is being worked on and is said to be resolved soon.

This feature, which should have been around a long time ago, was actually put together at one of Facebook’s hackathons. The shared albums will be handy on family vacations, parties, and other social events where everyone is taking photos. Facebook hopes to add mobile functionality to shared albums, but for now, it’s reserved for desktop browsers. The albums will roll out to English-speaking users over the next few days, with international availability coming not long after that.

How would you use Facebook’s shared albums? Tell us in the comments section below!


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