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White Xbox One for Microsoft Employees

Tired of the plain black of the Xbox One? I personally think the black on the One makes the device look bulkier than it really is; maybe a little more color on the device could change that. Microsoft does want to reward some special Microsoft employees with a white version of the One, that is very sleek-looking. The console looks a little slimmer than the black counterpart, and I almost wish they would have chosen white for the production version.

If you can tell from the picture, the One will have “I made this” engraved on it, which means only members of the team that help design and build the One will get this exclusive Xbox. On top of being exclusive for the time being, it won’t cost them one penny. It will be a gift from Microsoft for all the hard work these guys put into the next generation of gaming. The employee will still have to be employee at the time of launch so it will be incentive for them to stay around a little longer.

This console looks cool, and I wonder how quickly one will surface on Ebay and for how much the device will sell for. Tell us what you think of the white version of the One. Would you want the white version over the black one, or are you indifferent because the device will be hidden in some cabinet? Tell us in the comments section below!