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Feedly Pro Available to Everyone

Since the closing of Google Reader Feedly has rapidly growing its user base out, and introducing new features. No service can be free forever, and ads are not always the way to go. A paid version or premium version of an app can help pay for the servers, support, and developers to introduce new features. The folks at Feedly had this idea over ads all over the RSS Reader, and for $5 a month you can get all the pro features. If you want to lock yourself in for a year you can pay $45 every 12 months, which saves you $15 over the year.

The pro features will get you more search options within feeds, one-click integration with Evernote and Pocket, premium customer support and, lastly, HTTPS support to make things a little more secure. Feedly did say that they would be adding additional features to the suit of features that are already included. Hopefully there will be some more productivity tools to help everyone get through all the feeds in less time. This will help support the developers and the team behind Feedly. Will you be purchasing a pro pass or will you stick the free version because the paid does not offer enough to justify paying $5 a month? Tel us in the comments below!