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Google Breaks ChromeCast App That Let you Stream Your own Media

The Chromecast is a fairly new device that everyone wants to get there hands on one of these handy little devices. Developers have started working with the code to get their apps to work with the app. However, it appears that Google will not let smaller indie developers have their apps use the streaming dongle.

Allcast, an app that would allow you to stream media store on the phone’s gallery, Dropbox, or Google Drive. The app’s developer managed to accomplish this by reverse engineering the Chromecast code. He’s released several beta’s on private channels, and had planned to release the app in the Google Play store. Although a recent software update from Google ‘intentionally’ broke the app and the ability to stream from the places it could.

This open platform could be a huge change, if Google allows developers to integrate their apps to use the device. Google could be gunning for services like Hulu, HBO, and other large video sources to add support for the device. The more open the platform is, the less likely these large names would want to add support. Google has said that the device is just like a HDMI cable from your TV to your computer, but has said little more about what type of indie support it’ll have.

It should be interesting what Google has to say to all of this talk about Google not playing nice with the indie developers, which they are known to support. Tell us what you think about Google pushing this software update out and breaking this Allcast app.