Facebook to Stop Physical Gift Cards in Favor of Digital Codes

Facebook has been shipping physical gifts such as teddy bears, chocolates, and other gifts for different occasions. It was a year ago in 2012 when Facebook announced and released this e-commerce through their site. This was meant to compete with Amazon, but the lofty expectations were never met. Everyone saw this as a quirky way to send gifts to people over Facebook, which many used to wish their friends a happy birthday.

Facebook had even taken the steps to offer their own style of gift cards that acted like debit cards that were preloaded. Now TechCrunch is reporting that the company will be focusing on online gift codes from services like iTunes, and less about a box of chocolates. The new Facebook gift center will be rolling out to US users over the next few days and weeks. The new gift center is not as personalized as the one before, but the online gift codes will make things easier for Facebook to handle, and less shipping on their part.

The changes are little, because not many people used the gift service, and it was something that sat around more often. Tell us what you think of the changes and if you’ll use these online gift codes or still pass?




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