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ChromeCast Not Enough?

There has been a lot of talk lately about Google’s ChromeCast. But is it just not enough?

I personally think ChromeCast is a great idea. And it’s cheap. Like $35 cheap. Considering the Apple TV is $99, ChromeCast is affordable for any budget. But it’s not great. Yet.

ChromeCast can currently do the following things:

  • Watch YouTube videos from your mobile device
  • Play Google Play content
  • Watch Netflix videos
  • and browse Google Chrome

And the Apple TV can do these things:

  • Watch YouTube videos
  • Stream music, photos, and videos using apple AirPlay
  • Watch Netflix
  • and use much more apps

ChromeCast apps vs Apple TV

But some say that that isn’t enough for them. In my opinion, it’s a good cheap option for somebody that’s wanting to do the things listed. But if you’re someone that owns a device such as a PS3, xBox 360, or even a Smart TV, don’t get ChromeCast. ChromeCast can do the same thing those devices can and many other devices.

Google’s ChromeCast is a small thumb-drive sized HDMI device that turns any HDMI-compatible tv into a streaming hub for your mobile device. It’s a smart idea, and some say it will, and maybe already is competing with The Apple TV.

ChromeCast vs Apple TV.

Rumors have been speculated about future updates to ChromeCast, but not a lot is known and the rumors aren’t all exactly true.

So what do you think? Will you be getting ChromeCast? And if already have it, do you like it?

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