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Moto X Said to Be Available August 1

The Moto X is one of the most rumored device right next to the new budget iPhone. Google has been said to run a huge marketing push behind the Moto x that is around 500 million. According to sources close to Motorola’s plans, the Moto X will be made available the very same day it’s announced, Aug. 1 As many phone makers they give a round about date that the phone will be released to the public. The Nexus7 tablet was supposed to go on sale July 30th, but it ended up being sold 4 days ahead of its official ship date.

Carriers will even start receiving units today in order to prepare for the device’s imminent release. The huge marketing push will of course want to have these phones in hands as soon as possible while the hype is still there. If carriers do receive units today, it’s likely they’ll receive black and white variations, while the more customization handsets will be available online.

I am still wondering if the Moto X will be sold through the Google Play store, and if this phone will be on all the major carriers. I am wondering if there will be a Sprint and Verizon, which there are rumors about these carriers getting it. Droid devices from Motorola, have been Verizon exclusive and there are new phones out in the market. Hopefully Motorola can get their stuff together and have the phones in hands of consumers within a few days or hours of users. And at a cool 300$ for the phone unlocked, we could see a lot of people wanting the phone.