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Apple’s Developer Portal Has been Breached

Apple’s Developer website has been down for a few days now, and everyone has been wondering what was going on with the site. The site is used for updates to iOS 7, and other updates to Apps on iOS and Mac. Apple has said that last Thursday an unknown source had accessed some important information about developers. The developers could have their email address, names, and mailing addressed out there in the hands of unknown hackers.

Although Apple wants to be ‘transparent’ with everyone they have not mentioned who, how, or what exactly happened. Apple is “overhauling” their developer systems so nothing like this can ever happen again. This includes upgrading server software and totally rebuilding the database. Apple did not give a time line of when their developer site would be back up, however they did say it would be soon. They are working around the clock to ensure that the site is up and its as secure as it can possibly be.

This hack almost sounds like the PSN hack that happened almost a year ago. The PlayStation network was down for well over a week before anything ever was uncovered of what had happened. Users information had also been accessed, but it was unclear if the hackers got away with anything. Sony had to totally re-build their network and how they handled users information. Sony did the re-build, and was able to get their network back up within a month.

However this is not just gaming, the developer site is a key part of the iOS marketplace. It stores information on developers of apps, games, and other pieces of software. We can hope that little to no information was stolen, and it does not surface somewhere on the internet. Apple could have been a little more quick to explain what had happened to their developer portal.

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