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Lego Released ‘Back to the Future’ Time Machine Set

Lego is officially letting you take a crack at building your own DeLorean time machine. The construction-toy company this week opened the sale floodgates for its fourth collaboration with Japanese partner Cuusoo, the Back to the Future Time Machine set.

The set is available in limited quantities at San Diego’s Comic-Con. The set has minifigure of Marty McFly, Dr. Emmet Brown, the Flux Capacitor, a time display tile and the Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor, and other famous memories from the movie. The Back to the Future Time Machine was submitted by two builders, Masashi Togami and builder Sakuretsu, and was selected in the quarterly review as the next Cuusoo set.

Fans can reportedly build three versions of the DeLorean. Instruction booklets contain production notes and images, but this famous exchange from the 1985 original film should be all the instructions you need:

Marty McFly: “Wait a minute, Doc. Ah … Are you telling me that you built a time machine … out of a DeLorean?”

Dr. Emmett Brown: “The way I see it, if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?”


The Future set is available this week at Lego’s Comic-Con booth. The set goes on sale  Aug. 1 for $34.99. I am super excited to see this lego set be built, along with the Minecraft sets that will also be coming out in the coming months. I know its every geeks dream to have their favorite movie or game built in legos. The next review of the Portal Games from Steam looks like they could really win, over others like the Mars Rover. However its what the lego fans want and many times you can never know till the very day they announce their new set.


2 responses to “Lego Released ‘Back to the Future’ Time Machine Set”

    • Yes I want to not only order this set but the new Minecraft sets that are coming out soon. I love that Lego is running these fan built lego sets. I hope some really cool ones come out soon.