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New Nexus 7 Launch Next Week?

Rumors of a new Nexus 7 tablet have been floating around throughout July. And those rumors may become the truth next week.

Android Central got their hands on a refreshed model of Google’s 7-inch tablet, although it is possible this is just a pre-production that could vary from the final product. It is likely we’ll find out for sure soon, however, due to a Google press event next Wednesday and leaked inventory mentions of a new Nexus 7 at various retailers.

Below is a brief video of what Android Central has in house. It is clearly marked with the “Nexus 7” logo on the back, but interestingly, the logo is landscape-oriented, and the current Nexus uses portrait for its logo.

Not very many specifications are mentioned except the sight of a rear-facing camera as well as dual speakers. Android 4.3 will be installed and there is the potential of being 4gb of RAM. I don’t expect that but i do suspect there could be at least 2gb of RAM installed.

As far as the launch and availability of an updated Nexus are concerned, an Engadget tipster shared inventory information from Office Max suggesting the store will have the new device in stock on July 20 and a 32 GB model will retail for $269.99. That sounds about right, depending on how much upgrading the actual tablet specs get. I’d also expect a 16 GB model for around $40 less.

So what do you think? Could this video really be of the new “Nexus 7”? And could it really be coming this soon? Write what you think below.

Source(s): Android Central, Engadget


4 responses to “New Nexus 7 Launch Next Week?”

  1. The video won't work btw "This video is private"

    I personally wouldn't trust leaked videos/pictures because more often or not they are fake. It could be real – but I'm not putting any money on it. Anyhow I was slightly dissapointed that the new one doesn't seem to have a grippy back on it. I mean that's one of the best features for me. I don't even have a skin and unlike my phone, I don't feel I'm going to drop it all the time. Dual speakers would be handy. The current speakers aren't the best; they're loud and clear enough but slightly tinny. I use my bluetooth speaker if I need to play music from it.

    • The video has been acting up because they have been taking it off and on. I don't like the back either. I would trust these sources because leaks these days usually are from trusted sources within the company. I do like the wireless charging which we just found out about.