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Buy an Xbox 360 if you cannot have a internet connection for the Xbox One

Microsoft’s Don Mattrick must not know how to interact with others, because he is creating even more bad press for Microsoft today. Microsoft has had a lot of bad press with how they have handled the always on internet required for the Xbox One. They have had issues with the Kinect always listening and watching you even when the Xbox One is off. Not to mention how horribly they have handled the news of used games. The Xbox one is turning out to be a bigger hassle then it should be. Maybe Microsoft wants Sony to take over the market with their PS4 that is $100 less then the next generation Xbox.

“Fortunately we have a product for people who aren’t able to get some form of connectivity. It’s called Xbox 360. If you have zero access to the internet, that is an offline device.”

Lets not forget the huge market change in 2005. Sony had the best selling console of all time, and the price of the PS3 killed them. It cost them the lead, and Kaz Hirai suggested gamers get a second job to help pay for the console. Now Microsoft appears to be in the same position right now. They have the best selling gaming console right now, but Sony has released a better console with a lower price. Microsoft has some catching up to do, but they have been botching it will all the bad responses. They are cocky right now and don’t think anyone will switch to the PS4.

Lets not forget that Nintendo has the Wii U now, that’s just not faring well at all in the market. The gaming wars are just heating up, and though many people will want both consoles in the house hold they will have to pick one to have in the living room. Microsoft has the set top box added and many apps that make the console less like a gaming device and more like a entertainment center. Sony has exclusive games that are great and have jaw dropping graphics, and now a low price point to enter the market.

The battle has just began and we will see who pulls out during the holiday season. Now we want your opinion on which console looks more appealing, and which one you’ll be buying this holiday season. Leave us your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


12 responses to “Buy an Xbox 360 if you cannot have a internet connection for the Xbox One”

  1. Ps4 all the way. If I can get the money I will definitly be buying a cool, "unique" ps4.

  2. I think i'm just gunna ride out my 360 until either the Xbox One comes out with a newer better version or I decide to switch over to the PS4

    • I am going to do the same thing for the time being. I was going to get an Xbox One, but the price and Microsoft's poor responses to concerns about the console have deterred me. The PS4 looks very promising, however I just wish both companies would offer a way to trade up old games to the new console. I am also looking forward to Sony's support of indie game developers. Maybe there will be Minecraft for the PS4 this fall.

  3. Sony completed the severe death of the Xbox One as soon as they claimed that PS4 wouldn't require an "internet connection" or some frivolous thing that the Xbox One requires. Cheaper and better.

    • Yes and I love the sony marketing with the video for used games. I love games that require a internet connection to play multiplier but there should never be a requirement to have the internet always on.