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Sony Unveils the PlayStation 4

Tonight Sony showed off the PS4, and it looks awfully like the Xbox One. However you can tell the design is very much like the other playstation models and appears to lay down also.Sony CEO Jack Trenton has just announced that the PlayStation 4 will not put restrictions on used games. He also stated boldly that online connection will not be required to run disc based games, and the system will not shut down without a check in every 24 hours. Sony also announced the PS4 will be available for $399 at launch this holiday season.

That’s right Sony has undercut Microsoft by $100, and Sony has the better hardware in my view. The battles between the devices had been head to head up until Microsoft said there will be fees for used games, the Xbox will have an always on connection, and said the price is $499. Sony may be able to take the living room over again, and steal the only market that Microsoft is truly thriving in.

The crowd roared in applause when they said the device would support used games and not in any way hinder the used game market. The fact that this is news should be a major concern for Microsoft right now. The Playstation has the upper hand with price, won’t be annoying you to check an internet connect, nor will they charge you to play online with your friends. The one thing the Xbox has over its competitor is the ability to use the device as a set top box. The Kinect is useless to almost everyone, because one games are not built for the device. And honestly who wants to stand up to navigate or play a game?

Now the battle will truly being this fall when both the PS4 and Xbox One are being sold this holiday season. I have had a Xbox for some time, and found the Ps4 to be hard to navigate. I know for sure I will want to get a PS4 over the Xbox One, because I don’t want a set top box. I want a device to game on, play Hulu Plus and Netflixs, and sometimes play music on. I am not a fan of live tv in general, but that is what I like. Tell us what you will be buying this fall. The Xbox One or the PS4?


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