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Partnership with Ninjality

Digital Bounds has grown quickly over the past few months and we have been hard at work making our sites even better. The amount of news report we offering has grown over the past months too, however we have just scratched the surface with what we will offer. To further our news offerings while keep great high quality content on the site for our readers to enjoy we are partnering with Ninjality. Ninjality is a cutting edge development and design firm with a small group of passionate who are focused on every small detail. As part of the partnership I will become the community manager for Hylus, which is a social network of theirs.

I cannot say what is to come just yet but as a reader you can see some amazing series coming soon! Other than some great content and amazing videos being create you as a reader won’t see much change around the site. I will not be writing less, if anything more often now. You will also be able to find me on Hylus more often now. Although there is more work for me to do, I will be able to do more because I will be entering college. I will give the site more focus and more content. You can see more live coverage of events and more reviews of phones, tablets, and computers.

One thing I am able to inform every one of is a new channel for Digital Bounds  on YouTube. We will add all of our video reviews, interviews, and other videos we create. You can expect to see a channel and introduction video in the coming weeks, we will also be on Vimeo and other video hosting sites.

I urge all our readers to sign up for a private invite to get access to the amazing social network Hylus is. I also urge the readers to leave comments tell us what you want to see in terms of writing on Digital Bounds over the course of this year. We would like to thank everyone who reads, tweets us, has like our Facebook page, left comments, or showed any support of the site. We hope to reward you with great content, and in the future more giveaways. Thank you for always reading the site and support our dream!