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Rdio Giveaway Winner

The market is filled with more streaming music services on the market, with Google Music All Access pass being announced earlier this week. We gave our readers a chance to enter to win a year, yes a year, of Rdio so you can experience streaming music with one of the best music streaming services on the market. Many of you took advantage of this giveaway and left comments to enter! We thank you and glad you took advantage of this giveaway.

We were fair and assigned each comment a number by the order they left the comment. Once each comment was assigned a number we check if any broke any rules that we set forth. We than used those numbers to randomly pick a number. We used to generate a random number. That number was “6” and the winner was Joel Martinez.

We contacted Joel and he was elated that he won, and we hope to have updates on how he likes the service later on the year. Thank’s everyone for entering, and if you have any ideas for what else we should giveaway tell us in the comments below.


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