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Rdio has a chance to be better than Spotify (Giveaway Included) {Closed}

Spotify is the leader in streaming music, but Rdio is a competitor that could be better than Spotify. Music is inherently social and both of these services are linked into Twitter and Facebook. Spotify has not way to manage music in a logical manner, such as move songs to albums or tracks, but Rdio allows you to sort your music into albums, tracks, and by artist. A plus is that you are able to get discounts when you buy more than one subscription from Rdio. The prices are the same for one a month subscription to either service, but I wish that they would offer to pay for a whole year instead of month by month.

You can access both on the web, mobile phones (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry), on connected speakers and TV, and Roku. Rdio also allows you to use other open Rdio apps as a remote to play songs on other device that are currently using your Rdio account. Spotify has a robust music collection and offers high quality streams for the best listening experience. Rdio has a similar offering of music, and both collections lack big name holdouts like the Beatles.

The music quality is said to be similar but many users report that the Rdio stream quality is much less but I was unable to tell the difference. Now I know hardcore music fans would be able to. As on Spotify you are able to select songs or playlist to “download” so you are able to play the songs offline. Rdio though you are able to select your whole “collection” that is your music library.

We are going to offer a giveaway by just leaving a comment. If you win you will get one year of Rdio, and you will get to test out how the service is. So if you want to win tell us why you want to get rdio in the comments below. You can leave one comment a day till the end of the contest.



10 responses to “Rdio has a chance to be better than Spotify (Giveaway Included) {Closed}”

  1. I'd love to get a year of Rdio. I remember getting beta access to Rdio when they were first starting out and I liked how they put emphasis on having a web app. I feel like Rdio has overall a better experience, while Spotify is just there for the music collection and perhaps higher stream quality.

  2. i would love to have Rdio, i have rhapsody right now and i dont like the way you cant organize your music in offline mode

  3. I really want radio too (Just Like everybody else) You confused me at first when you told me about it, then i read the info, NOW I WANT IT

  4. I've been checking out Rdio and it seems pretty awesome! (Although I must admit, I'm currently using Spotify)

  5. Just found out you can listen to songs you've Shazam-ed on Rdio. Looks awesome!

  6. I currently use the free version of Deezer. I pretty much use it all the time whether it be on my computer of through the home cinema. It's pretty decent but I love the interface of Rdio and would find the Android app very useful. 🙂