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Jawbone Up Update

I first gave the Jawbone Up a glowing review, and I am not changing that original review.Nor am I taking away from how amazing the device is, but the fitness tracker is still problematic. I had my bracelet for two weeks and after that I started to get the lost clock error, which is when the Up’s internal clock losses what time it is. It stops the Up from being able to track steps, sleep, or know when to start the alarm. I tried to do the soft reset and hard reset that support recommends. These steps that are supposed to correct the error were nothing more than a band-aid on the problem. It would fix the issue and a few hours later the bracelet would show the lost clock error again. I contacted support over the phone and right off the bat I spoke to a real person.

The support staff asked if I took the steps to reset the device and I told him yes and he asked some more questions about what color the light was and how often it was happening. He than told me that he would send a replacement in any color that I wanted. I was so shocked that they went from offering the same over the phone support to replacing the device. Most companies would have made me wait a little longer for a replacement. They even paid for shipping and sent the device first. After I received the replacement I sent the non-working one back.  Now I thought they were being nice to me because I was doing a review on the Up, but I started to search the inter-webs and the company has replaced the Up Band months and moths after the purchase date with few questions asked. Almost every single customer offer a high rating for the support, and with very few people having negative things to say.

Now I know that they had problems with their first Up Band and now they are trying to keep up a brand imagine. They are also ensure more people will buy into the idea of tracking so much information. It’s great for a fitness nut and this band would be great for the user that wants to be conscious of health too. The Up is a middle ground for everyone to track the steps, sleep, and other things on the Up app. Now that you know the Jawbone Up is still sometimes problematic would you still take the risk of buying the device? Or would you buy it because you know the support will be there to help when and if you encounter a problem.


2 responses to “Jawbone Up Update”

  1. I am suspecting that I have the same lost clock issue, but since you had this problem can you please tell me how I know it for sure?