Digital Bounds Minecraft Server

Minecraft is a growing faster and faster, and the game is getting more active users on both PC and Xbox each day. I personally have been playing Minecraft since the alpha releases, and have been hooked ever since. The game is a sandbox game that can be best described as a game with Legos. The graphics are 8 bit, and everything you build are out of blocks of different materials. On PC you have to either play offline, by yourself, or you can find a server. I know how hard it is to find a server where you can find people to play with. The growing Digital Bounds community is full of people who not only love Minecraft but also want to network. We are opening up our own Minecraft Server to the Digital Bounds community.

Right now the server has a few select individuals who had the opportunity to help start the server off. Thus far we have a few houses, a spawn, and just a few warps that transport you to different biomes . If you want to use these all you have to do is type “/warps” to find which warps are available to you. Then type “/warps (name)” to go to that location. This allows you to move across the server effortlessly.

There is also factions which allows you to either join or start your own “nation”. It allows you to claim land where only you and the members of your nation can build, access chest, and destroy blocks. You are able to trade between factions, start wars, and also become allies. Which more often than not we recommend, but hey its up to you. The official Digital Bounds factions is open to all who want to join. So will you join a faction or start your own, or do you want to be a loner and not take part?

Another helpful plugin is World Edit, which allows you to place blocks through a few commands. This will help you to build amazing buildings that you may see from time to time in Youtube videos. To get any help with the plugin type “/we help” and all the anwsers to world edit will appear. If you need any help that the server cannot help with always feel free to drop us a line through Twitter or Facebook. The other option is if a mod is on, than you can ask them. They will always be more than happy to help.

So to the important information, how do I get to the server? The ip address is “” and you can add us to your server list. The server is a survival server, that is on normal mode. We have strict rules of no griefing and other than that have fun, and always respect people on the server. If you grief or are respectfulness to someone expect to be put in jail for 2 days, and that’s your only warning. After your first offense you will be banned for life.



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