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Samsung Galaxy S3 Last Thoughts

I have had the S3 for almost three weeks now, and I have grown to love touchwiz and what Samsung has done to Android. I have also found why I have stuck with sprint through all the trouble they have given me. Their unlimited data is unlimited, unlike T-Mobile throttling data to speeds that make the phone almost unusable. That should not take away from how the phone is a great Android phone for the normal consumer. The phone has drawbacks but is a phone that should be considered when purchasing a Android powered phone.

I down right hate that samsung tries to shove their own app, video, and music store in your face. On top of that they throw on custom music player, and their other crap software that most people are never going to use. Also they have too many home screens, I think it is 7 home screens but don’t quote me. The phone comes with Enough ram to have a handful of apps running at the same time. I did experience lag when typing, and also when I was switching apps.  I am unsure if that was because a lot of apps were running or if it was the OS catching up to what i was doing very quickly.

The phone is built with plastics, that do feel flimsy and cheap on some levels. I really love the flip covers that they offer, because it is a nice screen cover that does not get in the way. It makes the phone feel like a notepad, and even more if you are using the Galaxy Note. The main home button does cause you to open up the Samsung Siri competitor, which is better in some cases. The easy file sharing with NFC was very helpful when trading pictures quickly and easy. I traded images with Danielle Coon countless times just by touching our Galaxy S3’s together and beaming the content to each other.

The camera on the phone is 8mp and the photo quality is great! It is the best of any phone I have gotten to use, and yes better than the iPhone’s camera. The voice quality on the phone was iffy, because it was using T-Mobile wifi calling which is not at there quite yet. The phone is a great phone, and I praise it for its gesture control and voice control. The phone could be better built and the battery drains pretty quickly. I can make it about 8 hours on a battery, and if I charge it for an hour I can make it through the day and back to my house. Samsung is not the only company struggling to make a phone with features that consumers won’t but always last the whole day so consumers can use it.

If you use this phone what do you think about it, would you trade it for another phone? Tell us in the comments below.