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Samsung Galaxy SIII T-Mobile

IMG_20130208_200515My love for Android grows stronger when a great device like the SIII has great hardware and also is designed very well. Though I do wish I was using a iPhone at times, because all the interesting apps I want hit the iOS market first. Samsung has grow the Galaxy brand for the past two years, and it may now be overshadowing Android. That is beside the point though. I have had the phone almost a week, about 5 days, and so far it has been nothing but smooth sailing. I always have complaints about Touch Wiz which is the UI on top of stock Android.

The phone has 2GB of ram which is more then enough to run all the games, music, and other apps. The issues that I have right now is that T-Mobile has for lack of a better word, crappy service. The service is sub par at best, and something nice from T-Mobile is their WiFi calling which allows you to have great quality voice calls when T-Mobile does not have service in your own house.

The battery on the phone is above average. It allows you to make it through the whole day without a charge, even a power user is able to make it through without a charge. You will cut it close, but you can make it when you are playing games, tweeting, and Facebooking all day long.  The neat motion features, such as you are texting someone and you bring the phone up to your ear. It will then proceed to place a call to who ever you were texting. The NFC enable phone allows for you to share photos, and a slew of other media, just by bumping phones. I was very pleased at how seamless and easy was to share a photo by bumping phones.

Overall I am liking the phone, hating Touch Wiz, and suffering from the bad signal from T-Mobile. I will write a full review in a few days once I have a full feel of the OS, device, and a few other little nitty gritty things. If you think that this phone is far from being a great phone, please comment and tell me why. If you would disagree that T-Mobile is horrible then leave a comment telling me other wise, or agreeing.


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