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Life without Cable

remotesThe past two months I have been living without cable on my TV. I have lived using Google Movies, Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, and other other online live streams of tv shows. And I have liked not having cable so much that I may never want to get cable or use cable again. Yes it is nice to have HBO and other premium channels but at the same time most content is on demand online and have many less commercials then TV these days.

My Xbox and Roku have taken on the task of keeping me entertained and informed with today’s pop culture. My Roku is my main device when it comes to watching Netflix, Hulu, or other on demand movies from Amazon. The main reason I use this piece of tech is because it is streamlined and has 1080p video output. The Xbox is amazing when I want to chat with people while watching a movie or play some games with people. These devices do about the same but the Roku is dedicated to just TV related content. It has a a media remote which is lovely to use with the interface they have crafted. They also have a Android and iOS app that appeals to me because when I am watching TV I am, in most cases, also tweeting or texting.

There are downsides to no cable such as no NBA, NFL or other sports network. You could always get those over the air in most cases. There is also a shortage of news channels to watch, but more online networks are poping up to fill that market. More and more people are starting to look at cutting the cable and just using the internet to access all their entertainment needs. Hulu Plus offers next day TV shows, well for most networks and on the desktop. Netflix has a large catalogue of new movies and is always being added to. Then there is also the Redbox streaming service  that  will or may be much better then Netflix. I hope so at least because I would love to stream a movie the same time it is out to rent on Redbox.

Movie and TV companies are trying to make cutting the cable hard, but people are still doing because frankly it is a huge money saver. Also it is more convenient to the end user. They don’t have to be tied down to just one TV, but now they are able to take their favorite TV show or movie with them anywhere they travel. The companies limit which devices that shows can be viewed on and how long after that those shows can be viewed.

The next for years for TV and movies will be a struggle and also may be the best that these companies have done ever. Do you think it is time to cut the cable or that having cable is better? Tell us what service you have and if you like it or not. Or tell us stories about cutting the cable.