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Galaxy Note II Review


The huge screen brings some down sides and also brings a lot of screen real-estate to the table. The other thing that jumps up after a few days of use is the battery can last for over 12 hours of hard core usage. Granted the battery is twice the size of other phones in the market, but a large phone comes many benefits that I see out weigh the downsides.

This is my frist thoughts and I will have a more in depth review on the UI next week. This phone or tablet as some may call it is not too big but the right size as I see it. The phone fits in my pockets with ease and most women carry a purse so the phone can fit in there perfect.

The little pen which allows you to use some neat features is useful but at the same time not a selling point to buy this phone. The pen only works on the Note so I am not sure what special thing they did to make sure it only works with that device. The phone has the Google Play store but also has a competing S suggest store from Samsung. You can get apps, movies, and music from Samsung. This is a tad obnoxious because I have already been locked into the Google ecosystems and I don’t like the idea of being locked into just buying on brand of phones.

The screen is beautiful, and comes in at 5.5 inches.   The screen is a AMOLED screen but i have seen very little downside to this type of screen compared to others on phones such as my Galaxy Nexus or the iPhone. Samsung has changed a bit from the vanilla Android that I am used to, but many of these changes are ones that I had wanted. Such as a pull down settings menu to turn wifi, GPS, or screen brightness from anywhere on the phone. They have also included a power saving option, and you are able to run two apps at the same exact time.

The running of two apps, I thought was going to slow the phone down but as I have seen first hand has little affect and I can text and watch a youtube video at the same time. I have also played a high processing power game and streamed a video, and the phone did not lag one bit. The phone has a Siri computer but I have yet to really use it because I have been using Google Now which I see has more intelligent and has Google search to back it up.

The device has NFC so you can hold up to another phone and beam items to others, but Samsung has put other very cool features for sharing stuff with others. Google Wallet is not supported but I am unsure if that is a Samsung issue or a Google issue. The Camera is 8MP and has a burst feature which means you click and hold the focus/take photo button it will take up to 20 photos continuously. The photos on this setting are amazing quality and the camera app is really amazing and better than the stock android camera.